Castle Howard, England.

Front elevation at Castle Howard

This evening, I am reprising a tour of Castle Howard near York in N.E. England

First, we departed our lodgings in York and drove north for 15 miles to Castle Howard, a 300 year-old grand house which is the home of the distinguished Howard family.

Features at Castle Howard include:

  • Baroque architecture with hints of Catholicism.
  • Great Hall with high dome and frescoes, carvings and wrought ironwork.
  • Ornate chapel with work by pre-Raphaelite artists including William Morris.
  • Temple of the Four Winds located away form the main building and offering 360 degree views.
  • Garden statues.
  • Ray Wood with extensive botanical collection.
  • Grand entrances.
  • Lake with water birds.
  • Connection with Brideshead Revisited, both T.V. series and film.
Spring blossom at Ray Wood, Castle Howard, Grand bedroom at Castle Howard Great Hall, Castle Howard Atlas Fountain, Castle Howard Castle Howard viewed from Temple Terrace


Temple of the Four Winds, Castle Howard

Video clip of Castle Howard, front elevation.


The visit to Castle Howard was enhanced by dry, sunny weather which lasted until 3.00pm when rain set in.

We departed Castle Howard mid-afternoon and returned to York to spend time in the famous and historic Shambles shopping area which is now tourist orientated but has its origins in the medieval period when it was used for butchering animals.


Shambles shopping area, York


Shambles, York

Finally, we returned to our lodgings in York.


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