The Sage at Gateshead in N.E. England: A performances venue of architectural merit


Sage, Gateshead, England

This evening, I am posting information and images relating the Sage, an eclectic sort of building located in Gateshead on the south bank of the River Tyne, opposite Newcastle-upon-Tyne in N.E.England.

 Image of the Sage taken from the Newcastle side of the River Tyne.

This building, locally known as the 'slug', was designed by Foster & Partners and completed in 2004. It was specifically designed as a centre for musical education, performances and conferences. Inside are three discrete, and acoustically segregated, performance venues with an aggregate seating capacity of 2725.

Another image taken from the Newcastle side of the Tyne.

In a wider context, the Sage is part of the Gateshead Quays Development project which includes the nearby BALTIC Centre and Millennium Bridge. Clearly, a good location for architects and engineers.

 Baltic Centre

Millennium Bridge


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