Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain, Wales


Village scene with parish church in background.

This evening, I am providing summary information on a pleasant village in North Wales which my wife and I visited recently.

Name Meaning: Llansanffraid means "Church of Saint Bride" in the Welsh language, and ym-Mechain refers to its location in the medieval cantref of Mechain and distinguishes it from other places with the same or similar names.The dedication to St. Bride probably dates to Catholic times, during the medieval period.This church is now Anglican/Episcopalian.

Location: The village is located in the county of Powys, mid- Wales, which is near Shrewsbury and about 120 miles directly north of the Welsh capital of Cardiff. The Welsh language is spoken  here. About 30-pct of the entire Welsh population claim to be able to speak Welsh.

Population: About 1500 persons.

More information

This is not a tourist destination. We stopped at Llansanffraid for refreshments. The village is well kept and has a 'country town' feel to it.More images are provided below.

Here is a very old, half-timbered property which may date back to the 16th century. It seems to be in need of repair and restoration work.

Here is a road sign illustrating Welsh names.'Llan' means church or enclosure.

Here is St Ffraids chucrh which dominates the village.The church is mentioned in 1254 as 'capella de Llansanfrat', and is dedicated to St Ffraid (Bride or Bridget), an Irish saint. The origins of the present building are probably of the 12th century.

Ancient grave marker now held in church entrance porch. The inscription appears to be in Latin.

Pleasant village cottage with garden

Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain is on the busy  A495 highway and is easily accessible. Close by can be seen impressive landscapes and scenery..


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