Hike Hadrian's Wall, England


Hadrian's Wall Path signage between Heddon and Rudchester.

This afternoon I am reprising a past hike along a section of Hadrian's Wall which dates back about 1800 years. The hiking trail  traverses northern England from coast to coast. Apart from the historical connections the trail provides contact with nature and landscapes This particular hike was undertaken in the autumn/fall.  

There are references in the post to the vallum. This defined as either the whole or a portion of the fortifications of a Roman camp. The vallum usually comprised an earthen or turf rampart (agger) with a wooden palisade on top, with a deep outer ditch (fossa).

The particular section of the Wall reported herein runs from Heddon-on-the-Wall to Chollerford. The hike took about eight hours. Weather was benign although parts of the trail were wet or waterlogged. However, the day proved a very satisfying adventure with the following encountered along the way:

  • Preserved sections of the actual Wall, particularly at Plaintrees and Brunton.
  • Extensive earthworks associated with the Wall known as the Vallum.
  • A battle site, Heavenfield.
  • Many examples of fungi and flowers.
  • Autumn berries including elderberries.
  • Sheep and cattle.
  • Historic church known as St. Oswald's.
  • The North Tyne River, which reflected well in the evening sunlight.

A selection of images are provided below.


Blackberry flower on path of Hadrian's Wall


Reflections on River North Tyne, Chollerford,


Brunton Turret on Hadrian's Wall 

Section of Hadrian's Wall at Planetrees


St. Oswald's Church


Vallum: Portgate to Brunton, Hadrian's Wall 

Vallum: Rudchester to Portgate, Hadrian's Wall


Texel and Cheviot Sheep, Hadrian's Wall Path


Fungi on Hadrian's Wall Path


Site of Vindobala Roman Fort on Hadrian's Wall


Elderberries on Hadrian's Wall Path


Hadrian's Wall Path from Heddon to the west

More information.

Although Hadrian's Wall is contained within the borders of England the publication Visitors' Guide to Scotland includes a section on this historic site. The book's ISBN is 978-1-9161332-0-4. It is also available via Kindle.


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