Heights of Abraham, Matlock

Today, our activities in the Matlock region of Derbyshire were focused on the visitor site known as the Heights of Abraham. This name is derived from the similarity of terrain with the Plains of Abraham in Canada where Britain's General Wolfe won a victory over the French in 1759. From a commercial perspective the site owes it's importance to small scale but extensive lead mining which peaked in the late 17th century. Subsequently, the Heights were promoted for tourism based on the stunning views of the Derwent Valley and environs from a height of about 1100 feet above sea level. In 1787 the former mining complex was developed as a pleasure garden and thereafter evolved into it's current state.

Cable Car

 Cable Car transport

We found the visitor experience of high quality with access by cable car adding an extra dimension.The exceptional views are supplemented with organised tours of two former lead mining caves. Hopefully, the images and video herein will provide a useful insight into the site.High Tor

 High Tor rockface with Riber Castle in distance. Back about 300m years ago High Tor was a coral reef in a shallow, warm sea.

Mountain Stream

Mountain Stream

Inside Masson Cavern

Inside Masson Cavern (former underground lead mine).

Inside Masson Cavern

 Glistening walls inside former mine.

Miners' initials

Miners' initials carved into the mine rock face dating from early 1700s.

 Kidney Vetch

Wildflower: Kidney Vetch.The site is managed with a care for the environment and ecology.

Matlock Slalom Course

Canoeist navigating slalom course on River Derwent near start of cable car service.

Here is a video clip of the local valley taken from a moving cable car.



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