Landscapes and Wildlife near Glasgow

For a long time I have been trying to obtain a capture of this elusive Heron. For once I was in the right place at the right time with the right combination of camera and lens.Sightings of these birds are rare in the Glasgow region. The existence of the species must indicate a favourable environment for the birds to survive, including fish populations.

This morning, on my walk around a local country park, I was fortunate to benefit from a favourable combination of light and visibility allied with a low probability sighting of a Heron(above)..

Generally speaking, Scotland offers an excellent canvas for photographers, including landscapes, seascapes and wildlife but the best shots require a combination of luck, serendipity and/or detailed planning factoring in weather conditions.

 Nesting Little Grebe

Mallard ducks with duckling.This is strange as a pair of mallards usually produce a brood of multiple ducklings. Can only speculate what happened to the rest.

Landscape view looking N.W. The mountains in the distance are close to Loch Lomond whilst the tower in centre ground is a Victorian-era water tower at Leverndale Hospital which is no longer used for original purpose.


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