Pollok Park in autumnal sunshine

This morning, with benefit of sunshine and blue skies, I took the opportunity for a hike around Pollok Park in south Glasgow.

Pollok is Glasgow's largest park and the only Country Park within Glasgow. Here can be found extensive woodlands and gardens which provide a quiet sanctuary for visitors and wildlife alike.

Within the park is Pollok House and the famous Burrell Collection.

I noticed a considerable uplift in both facilities and traffic management since my last visit which enhanced the quality of the experience.

Pollok Park is well known for it's herd of Highland Cows which is actually owned by Glasgow Council.The animals were resplendent in the sunshine.

Overall, I covered about four miles in the park. 

 Highland cow with calf

Another Highland Cow with calf.

White Cart Water (River)

Another aspect of the White Cart

Walk through the woods

Sticker on street furniture. J.K. Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter stories and is a leading protagonist in the transgender debates, a subject on which I am strictly neutral.


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