Glasgow at Christmas


 Salvation Army Band Member

Today, I travelled down to central Glasgow with aim of obtaining a photo record of the people and atmosphere.

String quartet at St. Enoch Centre

Newly opened shop selling Danish products. I had to give up making a purchase because the line for the checkout was too long.

Seasonal decoration at St Enoch Centre

Video clip of the lava flow of people and activities at St Enoch Centre. The big 'wind turbine' type structure at the back is a fun ride.

Dog with beggar. I suspect the beggar person is being manipulated because he seemed to have no knowledge of English.

Big Wheel Fun Ride at George Square

Another aspect of George Square

Swing Ride at George Square

Here is a strange site, a group of people all wearing orange coloured hats in George Street.In certain parts of the city such display could cause offense or worse.This is because the orange colour is aligned with protestantism and hostile to catholics.I later realised the group were probably Dutch football supporters as their national team was competing against U.S.A. at the World Championships.However, the group should have been counselled regarding the possible provocative nature of their headwear.


Above is an interesting video. By pure chance I encountered an official march by the Oglagh Sean Mcilvenna Republican Flute Band. The named individual was an IRA member killed in action in Northern Ireland on December 17th, 1984.

A key catalyst of the sectarianism adverted to in the above two sections is the Battle of the Boyne which took place in what is now the Republic of Ireland in 1690. The two adversaries were (a) the (catholic) King James of England, Ireland and Scotland and (b) King William (protestant) who had acceded to the thrones of England and Scotland in 1689. The forces of the latter prevailed.

All in all a rewarding trip.


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