Bagpipes, Goslings and Coote


Canada Geese Goslings at Rouken Glen

This morning I undertook an early morning walk around local parks which provided opportunities for interesting photographs.

Firstly, as I left the house I could detect in the distance what appeared to be a bagpiper.Initially, I attributed this to a sound system of some sort but on further investigation came across a lone piper as per video clip below. The gentleman explained he was a late entrant to the piping profession and was simply undertaking some solo practice.

    Piper at Eastwood Park

Next, I moved on to Rouken Glen Country Park where I encountered a family of Canada Geese and was particularly pleased to witness the continuing survival of the clutch of goslings. As explained in a previous post, the goslings are under threat from a dominant male swan. A passer by also mentioned that herons will also take goslings.It's a tough life for the parent geese!


Canada geese with goslings

Next, I was able to watch a hyper-active Coote working away building a nest.Note the huge piece of wood the little bird is towing across the water.I think the bird was trying to access the bark as opposed to the entire branch.

Finally, here is the Coote's nest which is under construction. Note the plastic container just to the left of the bird, a sad reflection on the current state of the environment.

All in all a pleasant experience for a summer morning with opportunities to connect with wildlife and culture.


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