Orange March, Glasgow Southside


Today, by chance I encountered a 'Orange March' in Glasgow Southside.

To understand the relevance of this type of march readers have to be cognizant of Catholic:Protestant tensions which have arisen in the west of Scotland consequent upon the, essentially, Catholic vs Protestant battles which took place in Ireland and Scotland in the 17th and 18th centuries, particularly the Battle of 1690.

The various conflicts can be traced to King James 11 (of England and Ireland) who was also King James VII of Scotland. This ruler was deposed by the British establishment consequent upon James showing catholic tendencies at a time when England and Scotland had moved firmly into the protestant camp. 

James II was replaced by the protestant pair of King William III and his wife Queen Mary II. It was William who defeated James at the critical Battle of the Boyne and thus ensured the British crown stayed in protestant hands which it does to this day.

These sort of marches in the west of Scotland share a close affinity with their equivalent in Northern Ireland. 

The timing of the particular march coincides with the coronation of King Charles III who is head of the (protestant) Anglican church.


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