Galloway Tourist Route, Scotland

Tonight, I am providing a brief report on the Galloway Tourist Route in SW Scotland.

 This follows the return of my wife and myself from a very satisfying vacation in the Galloway region.

The images and video clip were taken on the way down from Glasgow. On the return trip we had hoped to obtain more images of this very scenic area but were stymied by heavy and persistent rain.

In essence the Galloway Tourist Route runs from Gretna on the English border to Ayr on Scotland's Clyde Coast. The route starts on the flat lands of the Solway coast, skirts the shore to Dumfries and then turns inland through low hills to Castle Douglas,

Key aspects are rolling hills and numerous large lochs (lakes). Photo opportunities are limited due to the narrow nature of the road and paucity of stopping places.Hopefully, this post will provide readers with a flavour for the landscape.

This is just one small aspect of an extensive loch which is popular with boat owners.

 Another aspect of a large loch

Hills and clouds. The hills were worn smooth by glacial movements during the various ice ages.

Hills and part of a loch

The monument in the centre may be a prehistoric standing stone from the Neolithic period, possibly 5000 years old.The sheep seem to like it!

Here is a 'dash cam' video clip taken on the way down which illustrates the terrain and road conditions.

Lokk forward to return trip next year!


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