Scherger Lifting Bridge, Inchinnan


Scherger Lifting Bridge, Inchinnan, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on an unusual piece of engineering as manifested in the Bascule Bridge over the Black and White Cart (river) at Inchinnan, Renfrewshire, Scotland. Location is close to the Normandy Hotel on the Inchinnan Road.

The term ‘bascule’ is of French origin and translates as see-saw or balance. The bridge illustrated here was opened in 1923. It is an example of the Scherger type of Bascule Bridge and the only one operating in Scotland. Possibly the most famous example in Britain is Tower Bridge over the River Thames in London.

The bridge at Inchinnan dates from 1923. It has now been assigned the highest heritage grade status and has been extensively refurbished and strengthened, including a new coat of protective paint featuring vibrant colours.


Scherger Lifting Bridge, Inchinnan, Scotland


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