Kaims Castle, Scotland


Kaims Castle Roman Fortlet, Perthshire, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information Kaims Castle in Perthshire, central Scotland. The name is a misnomer because the site was never a castle in the medieval sense of the word but a fortlet from the early Roman period, 1st century AD.

Kaims was part of an early military fortification known as the Gask Frontier in central Scotland which was in operation between around AD 79 and AD 87 parts of which were subsequently reoccupied for brief periods in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD.

Like most Roman sites in Scotland, Kaims Castle is not signposted and requires research and determination to find. I obtained access through the goodwill of adjacent property owner.

The site is located between modern-day Braco and Muthill on the A822. However, in Roman times the site was strategically placed equidistant between the principal forts of Ardoch and Strageath. Ardoch is just a few miles away and is probably the best preserved Roman fort in Scotland. More information on Kaims Castle:-

  • Square plan with side 30m long.
  • Set with a single, almost circular rampart and ditch.
  • Accessed via single gateway, and causeway across ditch, from the nearby military road.
  • Linked via watchtowers to Ardoch Fort to S,W, and Strageath Fort to N.E.

To provide readers with a flavour of Kaims Castle in Roman times, here is an image of an artist’s impression of sister watchtower, at Muir O’ Fauld.

Artist’s illustration of Muir O’ Fauld Watchtower, Findo Gask

Video clip of Kaims Castle site (early December 2014)


Kaims Castle Roman Fortlet, Perthshire, Scotland

Defensive ditch at Kaims Castle Roman Fortlet, Perthshire, Scotland

Kaims Castle Roman Fortlet, Perthshire, Scotland


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