Seasonal images of Glasgow in frosty conditions



Image above shows a capture of (for me) first icicles of the season. Site was waterfall at Rouken Glen, Glasgow.

Overnight the first meaningful frosts of winter arrived across the U.K. Here is Glasgow temperature went down to about minus 5c (27f). 

With a combination of crisp, frosty ground surface, brilliant low angle sun and blue skies I ventured out with hope of obtaining some seasonal pics. On balance, the outcome was better than I had hoped for with downside being a surprising complete absence of ice on the local boating pond. 

Golfers at Deacon's Bank Golf Course in frosty conditions

Landscape view of Glasgow with Campsie Fells (hills) in background and steam from Strathclyde Distillery at far right of pic.

No shortage of golfers - despite the frost.

Here's looking at you, kid. Surprisingly friendly grey squirrel. These non-native rodents usually disappear into the trees upon sight of a human but this specimen held its ground.

Plume of steam escaping from the Strathclyde Distillery in the Gorbals district of Glasgow. This facility produces grain (non-barley) whisky for use in blends.

More information for the visitor

Information on Glasgow and other cities can be found in the Visitors’ Guide to Scotland. This publication is available via hard copy and Kindle. The ISBN is 978-1-9161332-0-4.



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