Still Freezing in Glasgow, Scotland


Today, the temperature continues to hover around freezing point and conditions remain much as reported in my blog of yesterday.

Our friendly.local Vixen (above) turned up for breakfast at 8.00am. I don't envy her sitting on a cold, snow covered masonry wall but guess her thick fur must provide a good level of insulation.

In course of my morning walk around the local country park I was surprised to find a 5k race in process notwithstanding the trails now mainly consist of packed ice.This event was run by a group called Acorn Trails who seem to specialise in this type of event. I arrived just as the race was ending with a few stragglers coming in.


Another straggler who had clearly enjoyed the experience.

Runners at finish line.

The adverse weather continues to provide opportunities for winter related activities. Fortunately, the situation here in Glasgow is relatively benign compared with other parts of the U.K., especially the English Lake District where motorists have been stranded and some homes are without power.


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