Winter has arrived in Glasgow, Scotland

 Image of snow-covered Glasgow looking north


This morning I awoke to a radio report of Glasgow being subject of overnight snowfall. On peering outside the report proved accurate. This was unexpected.

In fact, the conditions outside provided an ideal winter landscape with the snow settling on frozen ground, temperatures just below freezing and negligible wind. The only downside was poor visibility due to extensive cloud cover.

The snow was a function of a cold spell which is unusual for Glasgow at this time of year.

Inspired by the weather I proceeded as follows:

  • Introduced our young cat to it's first encounter with snow.


  • Fed our 'adopted' Fox which was begging for food close to our back door. Wintry scenery is all very well but can be devastating for wildlife.

  •  Embarked on an extended walk around our local country park and golf course.

 Frozen over Boating Pond.

Another aspect of the Boating Pond showing the large population of water birds desperate for food.They are gathered like this as I fed them with a large quantity of grain.

Scenery at Rouken Glen with burn (stream) in centre.

Woodland walking trail at Rouken Glen

Parents and others watching children sledging at Deacon's Bank with Glasgow city in background.

This Dachshund will require a periscope if the snow deepens

Sledging in process

Siberian Husky-ideally suited to the snowy environment

Overall, a rewarding trip. Will see what happens tomorrow.


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