Storm Isha hits Glasgow


 Above image illustrates the flood at a sports field known as King George's Field.

During the past 24 hours Glasgow, in common with rest of the British Isles, felt the force of Storm Isha. This entailed pulses of rain and extreme winds.In the east of Scotland, near Dundee, wind speeds reached over 100mph.

The storm resulted in at least three deaths plus massive disruption to transport, particularly rail.

The images herein illustrate the flooding and tree damage in Glasgow Southside.

Another storm, of slightly less veracity, is due to arrive tomorrow. This has been named Storm Jocelyn.

Another image of King George's Field where the water could be about two feet deep.

Downed tree at Rouken Glen

Downed tree at Rouken Glen

Downed tree at Rouken Glen

Downed tree at Rouken Glen

 Damaged information board at Rouken Glen

Will see how Storm Jocelyn unfolds tomorrow.


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