Jacobite Express Service Suspended.

 Image of the Jacobite Express traversing the Glenfinnan Viaduct.

This afternoon, I am reporting on today's media story which states that the popular Jacobite steam train service has been suspended.

Background information on the train service (also known as the 'Harry Potter Train') can be found here

It is reported that the service has operated for 30 years under an exemption that allows the operator to run the service with (somewhat ancient) hinged-door carriages.However, the regulator is resisting the granting of further exemptions as a consequence of which the operator has suspended the service.

As a former tour guide and tour operator I can confirm that the steam service between Fort William and Mallaig is extremely popular, mainly driven by the Harry Potter connection. In fact, I have undertaken the trip twice.

A spokesman for the train operator stated the service suspension could lead to up to £50M in lost value to local and national communities.I have no way of validating this sum but it would be considerable.

On the plus side, suspension of the service should reduce the overcrowding at Glenfinnan Visitor Centre not to mention the reduction in emissions from the steam engine itself and the (tens of thousands) of vehicle journeys connected with the train.

More information

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