Loudon Hill


Today, I am reprising a visit to Loudon Hill (1037 feet) near Darvel in East Ayrshire. Location is about 28 miles south of Glasgow in S.W. Scotland.

Information on Loudon Hill

Views of the stunning local scenery were aided by dry, sunny weather.

Loudon Hill is a very visible landmark on a relatively flat/undulating landscape. It has origins as a volcanic plug.

The feature, (a naturally defensive site) displays a very extensive period of occupation including:

  • Iron Age settlement (c.750BC-AD 43.)
  • A nearby Neolithic cairn. (c. 5000 BC)
  • A Roman Fort extending to about 3.5 acres.This was an auxiliary fort during the Flavian period (Vespasian, Titus and Domitian) of AD 69-96 during which it may have undergone four phases of occupation.During the Antonine period (AD 138-161) the fort was equipped with a new ditch system and a broader rampart.Occupation continued until end of the 2nd century AD after which it was abandoned,.

There are walking trails across/around the site.

Image of Loudon Hill

 'Spirit of Scotland' sculpture with Loudon Hill in background.

 Relaxation at Loudon Hill

Relaxation at Loudon Hill


This site is well worth a visit.

More information

For information on Scotland's extensive history, geology, sightseeing and much more please refer to the publication Visitors’ Guide to Scotland, ISBN 978-1-9161332-0-4. This book is also available via Kindle.




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