Cygnets and Goslings at Rouken Glen

Most mornings I avail of a walk through Rouken Glen Country Park in Glasgow, Scotland.This is an excellent and well maintained facility which includes a former boating pond which is now populated by a wild array of aquatic bird life from swans at the top to tiny dippers at the bottom.

The pond is home to one breeding pair each of Mute Swans and Canada Geese These pairs are not the closest of buddies with the cob (male swan) usually taking a very hostile attitude to the geese and their offspring.Fortunately (for the goslings) the cob seems to have taken leave of absence this year with result that the goslings have been free to grow and develop normally.

Ironically, both the swans and geese produced five offspring each all of which hatched at roughly the same time with each family group occupying opposite ends of the pond.

These family groups are very popular with local visitors to the pond. 

Here is a video clip of  the Canada Geese family.

  Here is a video clip of  the Mute Swan family with just the pen (female) left in charge of the family.


More Information

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