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This afternoon, I am reprising a visit to Glasgow’s Pollok Country Park which is located south of the city centre with main access from Pollokshaws. Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city located in the South-West of the country. 

Highland Cows at Pollok Park, Glasgow.

Information on Highland Cows

My key objective today was the Highland Cows and  Pollok House. This was achieved, with benefit of relatively mild weather and sunshine.

The pedigree herd of Highland Cattle is actually owned and managed by Glasgow City Council. The breed originated in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. They are an ancient breed, with records dating to the early 1800s, and very well suited to harsh, high altitude conditions where they thrive on poor grazing and food sources that modern breeds refuse. The placid and photogenic nature of the animals render them popular with visitors and locals alike.



Highland Cow

Bull at rest

Pollok Park is popular with walkers, joggers, dog walkers and cyclists. In addition to the physical activities there are a wide range of other interests and facilities which include:

  • The 18th century mansion known as Pollok House which is closely connected with the Maxwell family. The house is open to the public as well as sites associated with it, viz:
    • Woodland Garden
    • Walled Garden
    • Wildlife Garden
    • Weir.

    Pollok House, 18th century.

  • White Cart Water. (A river.)
  • Grazing lands which are home to a herd of Highland Cattle (discussed above).

More information

For information on Scotland's extensive history,wildlife, geology, sightseeing and much more please refer to the publication Visitors’ Guide to Scotland, ISBN 978-1-9161332-0-4. This book is also available via Kindle.




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