Prehistoric Rock Art on Arran


 This evening, I am focusing on a well preserved example of British rock art  as found at Stronach Wood, near Brodick, Isle of Arran, Scotland. 

Prehistoric Rock Art, Stronach Wood

 Information on Rock Art at Stronach Wood.
The designs and location are consistent with other examples of this work as found in nearby Kilmartin Glen  and elsewhere, viz:
  • Laboriously ‘pecked’ out using stone tools, possibly during the Neolithic and/or Bronze ages.
  • Found on a downward sloping rock face where the designs make use of the natural occurring features of the rock. (See final image below.)
  • Use of apparently abstract designs from a ‘standard’ reference source.
  • Dating uncertain, but probably at least 3000 years old.

The images in this post show cups (inverted cones), single line, chevrons, multiple rings and ‘keyhole’ figures.

The raison d’etre for this so-called art work has been lost in antiquity. It may represent images of things we cannot relate to, may represent symbols for specific meanings or, possibly, just shapes for the geometry alone. Many theories exist.
Image above shows ‘keyhole’ figures as does image immediately below.
 Prehistoric Rock Art, Stronach Wood

 Image immediately below shows cups, a single line, a chevron and multiple rings.
Prehistoric Rock Art, Stronach Wood

 Here are two linked ‘keyhole’ figures. 
Prehistoric Rock Art, Stronach Wood

Here is another ‘keyhole’ figure. 
Prehistoric Rock Art, Stronach Wood

This is the exposed rock face on which the carvings can be found.
Site of Prehistoric Rock Art, Stronach Wood

 A fascinating site, and one not frequently visited. About 10 miles away are the famous Machrie Moor  stone circles which date back to before 2000 BC.

More information for the visitor to Scotland

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