Greenland, a stone circle from the Neolithic era in a remote part of central Scotland

Greenland Stone Circle, Kenmore, Scotland
This morning,, I am focusing on one of Scotland’s stone circles known as Greenland or auchlaicha by locals. 

Greenland is located on a high elevation ( 1240 feet or 378 metres) on the eastern side of Loch Tay between Kenmore and Acharn. Access entails a 2.25 mile walk along track and hillside with the visitor rewarded with fine views of Loch Tay and mountains which include Ben Lawers ( 3984 ft.).
Key facts and information:
  • Originally comprised nine stones in a circle 27ft 9 inches (8.5m) in diameter.
  • Today, the circle is reduced to four standing stones and two recumbent.
  • Stones are graded in height from north to south.
  • In 1924 the site was excavated. At the centre was found a shallow deposit of dark earth intermixed with a white limy substance consisting of calcined bones and charcoal. Around the centre, the soil was red where a probable pyre had burned.
  • The site could date from around 3000 BC as does Croft Moraig which is few miles away, between Kenmore and Aberfeldy

Greenland Prehistoric Stone Circle, Perthshire, Scotland

Here is a video clip of the scenery and circle-


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