Dunollie Castle. Oban: A global base for Clan MacDougall.

Dunollie Castle viewed from the Isle of Mull ferry.

This evening, I am posting information on Dunollie Castle, a  ruin which is located on the Northern edge of Oban which is situated in Argyll & Bute on the West Coast of Scotland.

Dunollie Castle is positioned on a promontory overlooking Oban Harbour and is usually encountered by visitors taking the ferry from Oban to Isle of Mull from which vantage point excellent views of the castle can be obtained.

There are two principal physical structures on the site, viz:
  • The ruined castle (above) which dates from around the 15th century albeit on an earlier fortified site dating back to around the 7th century AD. This was abandoned in 1746.
  • An extensive private house, which is located behind and below the ruined castle, which dates from around the 18th century.This residence is owned by the current Chief of Clan MacDougall, Madam Morag MacDougall, who is a frequent visitor.
More information on Dunollie Castle
  • Open to visitors between April and October.
  • Close to the private house is a Weaving Shed with demonstrations using a 19th century loom and Draper’s Shop displaying two tartans: The Heritage McDougall and The Dalriada both of which were discovered as recently as 2010.
  • The global centre for members of Clan MacDougall. .
  • The site is extensively wooded including an arboretum.

19th century Loom

Private House


Castle Ruin

View from Dunollie Castle


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