Images of Glasgow scenery in winter conditions.


Swan displaying authority on frozen pond.

We continue to experience an uncharacteristic (but not unprecedented) very cold spell in Glasgow, West of Scotland.Temperature last night was reported as minus 4 centigrade but it seemed colder. This equates to 25 F. Looking ahead, the experts are predicting an increased chance of extreme cold and snow in course of next week or so.

These weather conditions coincided with latest covid inspired 'lockdown' which severely restricts mobility. As will be evident from the images herein, visibility conditions were superb and the vistas up in the hills and mountains must have been outstanding  However, we must stay close to home and hence I took off again to our local country park, Rouken Glen.

Readers may recognise  some landscapes and subjects but in mitigation I have to point to the legal constraints on local travel here. What we have today is variations on a theme which benefit from the outstanding visibility.


'Three Amigos' on frozen pond. This is the first time I have ever seen this thickness of ice on the pond.

Snow covered Campsie Fells (hills) to north of Glasgow. The term 'fell' is of Old Norse origin and dates from the time the west of Scotland was under Viking control.

Image of Glasgow city. The chimney venting smoke in centre of image is a whisky distillery in the Gorbals district.

Unusual view of the summit of Ben Lomond (next to Loch Lomond) reflecting in the sunlight.This mountain reaches 3196 feet. I have climbed it a few times and would have loved to be up there today.

Icicles accumulating on edge of waterfall

Woodland scene with low angle sun.

Riparian scene close to Auldhouse Burn (stream)


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