Tynemouth Castle & Priory


Tynemouth Castle, England
This evening, I am focusing on Tynemouth Castle and Priory, near Newcastle upon Tyne in N.E. England.

These buildings are strategically located on a headland overlooking the North Sea and River Tyne. The buildings has a long history which can be summarised as follows:
  • In 1095 captured by William Rufus.
  • In 1296 the priory and convent were fortified on authority of King Edward I.
  • In 1390 the Gatehouse was erected.
  • In 1538 the convent was disbanded.
  • In 1545 the castle was extensively fortified.
  • The castle played a role in the English Civil War (1642-51) but thereafter fell into disrepair.
  • By early 20th century, the castle was in use again as a barracks.
  • Gutted by fire in 1936.

Now restored as a visitor attraction. Important aspects are (a) the Gatehouse and (b) Great Hall. The north and eastern walls have fallen into the sea.

Location is suitable for tours of Hadrian's Wall including Arbeia Roman Fort at South Shields.Nearby, Newcastle upon Tyne boasts some interesting architecture

Sandy beach facing North Sea next to the castle.

Beach at Tynemouth 
View of Tynemouth Castle

Tynemouth Castle

The headland location is exposed to the 'dynamic' North Sea weather systems but can afford superb views in sunny conditions


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