Newport, Pembrokeshire

Tonight, I am posting information on the pleasant small town of Newport in Pembrokeshire, S.W. Wales.Population is about 1200 persons.

This is a good spot for a low-key vacation. On the one hand it is not overly commercial or 'touristy' whilst on the other hand it offers a wide range of interests for the more discerning, independent visitor including:

  • Hiking trails.
  • Ancient, prehistoric monuments.
  • Bird watching on the nearby Nevern estuary.
  • Interaction with Welsh language and culture.
  • Extensive, sandy beach, three miles to the north.
  • Within range of the Castell Henllys reconstructed Iron-Age settlement.
  • Just five miles north of the Waun Mawn stone circle, the predecessor of Stonehenge.

The main street, which comprises West Street, Bridge Street and East Street,is very narrow, but has character. Along this and adjacent streets can be found various artisan and specialist shops.A few hotels can be found here.also.Parking can be tight.

Here is a selection of pertinent images:

Newport Beach from north.

Residential side street.

Combined butcher and grengrocer

Neolithic burial chamber dating from 3000 BC

Main Street looking east


Welsh Chapel

 River Nevern Eastuary (bird watching).

  Map of Newport



Newport relative to South Wales


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