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Ancestry Tour of England

Searching for ancestors at Holme upon Spalding Moor

This afternoon I am reprising a one day section of a private ancestry tour for a couple from the USA with English ancestry.

First, we departed our lodgings in Boston eastern England) and then drove to the country town of Alford where the street market was in process. Here we visited the church which was open to the public.

Next to the small village of Cadney and its small and historic church built on an ancient site dating to the Bronze Age. This church was also open.

Next to the large town and port of Kingston upon Hull. Here we visited Holy Trinity Church which is the largest Anglican church (as opposed to cathedral) in England. Current building dates back to 1285. Inside there were various stalls selling produce and refreshments.

Next to Holme upon Spalding Moor and its ancient church located a Short distance from the village on a high elevation. Here we had success in finding grave markers of persons with the Brigham surname.

Our final stop today was the historic city of York which has a history dating back to Roman times. After checking into our lodgings we spent an hour or so visiting the famous Minster (Cathedral) and then the Museum Gardens which were resplendent with Spring flowers in the sunshine.  In the evening we enjoyed a good meal at the Jamie Oliver restaurant.

Tomorrow we visit a couple of English abbeys.

Alford Market

Alford Church

Inside Alford Church

Stained Glass at Alford Church

Inside Cadney All Saints Church


Cadney All Saints Church

Inside Holy Trinity Church, Kingston upon Hull, England


Holy Trinity Church, Kingston upon Hull

Inside Holy Trinity Church, Kingston upon Hull


Church at Holme upon Spalding Moor

Brigham Ancestry, Holme upon Spalding Moor

Inside York Minster

Multangular Tower, York

York Museum Gardens

York Museum Gardens


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