Kildare, Ireland

Tonight, I am reporting on visitor sites close to the town of Kildare, some 50 km west of Dublin. Kildare has a population of about 8600.

 Here is the nearby Irish National Stud allied with which are Japanese Gardens, Saint Fiachra’s Garden and the Horse Museum.

  • The Irish National Stud Company was formed in 1945 to promote the interests of the Irish bloodstock industry which continues today. It is possible to join a guided tour of the equine site which included the Sun Chariot Yard, Foaling Unit, Stallion Boxes, Mating Area and a few thoroughbred stallions.
  • The Japanese Garden dates back over 100 years and represents the Life of Man including birth, learning, engagement, marriage, old age, etc.

Resident stallion being brought into stables for the night.

Stallion: Dragon Pulse

Japanese Garden

To end the day it is possible to drive on down to Waterford in the S.E.of Ireland. This puts the visitor in a good position to visit Waterford Crystal and other sites the following day.


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