Prehistoric Rock Art Glasgow


Recently, by chance, I noticed on Google Maps reference to a historic stone carving on a local golf course. Following research and a visit to the club this morning, I was provided with the above  image of discovery of the site in 1937.

The carvings were discovered during construction of a new green. They have not been moved or damaged and are usually covered in natural vegetation. I was promised access to the site in November when the season ends.

The carvings are usually classified as 'cup and ring' with underlying purpose not known. They seem to have originated deep in history, possibly during the Neolithic period or even earlier, maybe 5000 years ago.

This type of carving is widespread across the U.K. and Ireland.They may have been created  by peoples who occupied the landscape before arrival of our ancestors around 2100 BC. See this link for more information.

In common with many similar sites the examples illustrated have been carved on exposed rock surfaces which have been worn smooth by glacial movements during the various ice ages.

Roll on November!


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