Twice Brewed, a popular inn in northern England.


Twice Brewed pub, brewery and lodgings on A69 highway

Tonight, I am reporting on the quirkily named, Twice Brewed hostelry which sits close to the line of Hadrian's Wall in northern England.

By British standards the location is a remote spot being 25 miles east of Carlisle and 35 miles west of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.Twice Brewed is a popular stop/lodgings for persons hiking along Hadrian's Wall.

As regards the name, it may date from the 18th century when farmers tended to brew and serve weak ale whereas the inn on the site offered 'twice brewed' or stronger ale. 

Today,Twice Brewed offers good accommodation with food and beer to match. Here can be found:

  • A selection of home brewed beers and lagers.
  • Brewery tours.
  • Twice Brewed merchandise.
  • Star gazing and astronomy from the protected Dark Sky park within which Twice Brewed is situated.
  • A planetarium, in form of a 360 degree, immersive multi-media dome.

Lunch time for tour group at Twice Brewed 

Pub interior


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