Braemar Castle


This evening, I am posting information on Braemar Castle in the Scottish Highlands.

Information on Braemar Castle

This is a fully furnished, L plan castle dating from 1628. Connected with Clan Farquharson.

  • Situated near the village of Braemar, nine miles SW of Balmoral Castle and fifty eight miles west of Aberdeen.
  • Constructed in 1628 as hunting lodge by John Erskine, Earl of Mar.
  • Attacked and burned in 1689 by Jacobite supporters to prevent occupation by government forces.The conflict between Jacobites and government included such battles (in Scotland) as Killiecrankie (1689), Dunkeld (1689), Cromdale (1690) Glenshiel (1719), Prestonpans (1745) and Culloden (1746). In Ireland, the Battle of the Boyne (1690) was a major conflict involving the same protagonists. In essence, this series of battles could been seen as a quasi civil war.
  • Forfeited to the crown in 1716.
  • Castle and lands purchased by John Farquharson but left in ruins until 1748 when leased to the government to serve as a garrison for Hanoverian (government) troops.
  • In 1831 the garrison was withdrawn and castle returned to Farquharson clan.
  • Restored to provide a family home under the 12th Laird of Invercauld who entertained Queen Victoria there on her attendance at the Braemar Gatherings (Highland Games).
  • Since 2006 the castle has been leased to the local community and staffed by volunteers. It is now open to the public.Check website for details.

More Information for the visitor to Scotland

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