England and Wales Tour


Roman baths at Bath, England

This evening I am reprising a one-day tour which encompassed sites in both England and Wales.

First, we departed our lodgings near Bath, England and transferred into Bath to visit the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey and avail of refreshments at Sally Lunn’s, a historic building and eatery dating from the 15th century.

The Roman baths date from the 1st century AD and exploit a constant supply of warm water. The baths went in to decline after the 5th century but became popular again from the 18th century.

Video clip of Roman Baths



Roman Baths at Bath

Roman` inscription at. Bath

Sally Lunn’s Eatery, Bath, England

After lunch, we departed Bath and drive west across the Severn River Crossing (bridge) to South Wales and then to our next destination of Merthyr Tydfil, a large town which has a history in heavy industry.We undertook a short driving tour around Merthyr and stopped to visit St Tydfil’s Church.

St Tydfil’s Church, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

Next through Brecon and on to Llanllugan, a hamlet in central Wales to reach which entailed navigating very narrow, single-track roads flanked by high hedges. At around this time we encountered snow with temperature down to 1.5 degrees C at one stage. At Llanllugan we visited St Mary’s Church.

Video clip of backroad near Llanllugan

St Mary’s Church, Llanllugan, Wales

Llanllugan, Wales

Finally, we drove on to Welshpool in eastern Wales where we checked into our hotel for the night.

Tomorrrow we visit York in England.


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