Tyneside Cycle Trip, England

This evening, I am reprising a cycling tour along the banks of the River Tyne (in N.E. England) using a spot (Newburn) near Newcastle upon Tyne as base.

Millennium Bridge, Newcastle on Tyne

Millennium Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne

We spent most of the day on official cycling trails which in the main follow the banks of the River Tyne.

In course of the tour we witnessed a wide range of sights and interests including:

-Sculling on the river.

Rowing on River Tyne

Rowing on River Tyne

– A gentleman with a horse.
– A number of gentlemen fly fishing on the river.

Fly Fishing on River Tyne

Fly Fishing on River Tyne

– A defunct coal mine.

Defunct Coal Mine nr Prudhoe

Defunct coal mine nr Prudho. This region was at the heart of the (coal fired) Industrial Revolution.

– A fascinating 19th C railway bridge.

Hagg Bank Bridge over River Tyne

Hagg Bank Bridge over River Tyne, England

-George Stephenson’s birthplace.(George Stephenson (9 June 1781 – 12 August 1848) was a British civil engineer and mechanical engineer. Renowned as the "Father of Railways", Stephenson was considered by the Victorians a great example of diligent application and thirst for improvement.)

Birthplace  of George Stephenson

Birthplace of George Stephenson, Newburn

-Prudhoe Castle (not open to public).

Prudhoe Castle, Prudhoe

Prudhoe Castle.This dates from the 11th century and was constructed to contain Scottish expansionism. It withstood two sieges led by William the Lion and later resisted further attacks during the Scottish Wars of Independence (1296-1357). This castle is only about 70 miles south of the Anglo-Scottish border.

-Centre of Newcastle on Tyne with its many bridges and stunning riverside architecture.

Buskers on Millennium Bridge

Buskers on Millennium Bridge, Newcastle

Millennium Bridge, Newcastle

Millennium Bridge, Newcastle at sunset

The Sage, Gateshead

The Sage, Gateshead.This is a  a concert venue and musical education centre  on the south side of the River Tyne. It was opened in 2004.

Sunday Market, Quayside

Sunday Market, Quayside, Newcastle on Tyne

Swing Bridge, Newcastle on Tyne

Swing Bridge, Newcastle on Tyne

Overall, an area rich in diversity which provided a good experience.


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