Cycle Ride to connect with Hadrian's Wall Roman Frontier.

This evening, I am reprising an interesting cycle ride to connect with the Hadrian’s Wall military frontier.

After departing Haltwhistle I connected with the B6318 which runs just south of the Wall and headed east, past the Twice Brewed Pub and then about 2 miles down the road stopped to take some pics of the Sycamore Gap which has connections with the film Robin Hood and Kevin Costner.

Sycamore Gap, Hadrian's Wall

Sycamore Gap, Hadrian's Wall, England

Not far from Sycamore Gap is Housesteads Roman Fort, possibly the most popular visitor attraction on the Wall.

Housesteads Roman Fort, Hadrian's Wall

Housesteads Roman Fort, Hadrian's Wall, England

Next on towards Chollerford stopping en-route to take pictures of remnants of the Wall at Black Carts Milecastle.

Vallum, Hadrian's Wall

Vallum, Hadrian's Wall, England (See earth ridges in right of image.)

Hadrian's Wall near Black Carts Milecastle

Hadrian's Wall near Black Carts Milecastle, England. (Note that the original wall was about 15 feet high and ran coast to coast.)

Black Carts Milecastle, Hadrian's Wall

Black Carts Milecastle, Hadrian's Wall, England

Next, I re-visited Chesters Roman Fort with objective of finding evidence of the Roman bridges (two) which spanned the North Tyne river. This proved a success.

Roman Bridge Foundations at Chesters

Roman Bridge Foundations at Chesters, England

Next,I started the long road back into a headwind and gentle uphill incline. Quite invigorating!

Coincidentally, I am planning another visit to the same stretch of frontier whilst focusing on other sites. Watch this space!


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