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Welcome to the British Isles, a group of islands with a long history and ideally suited for touring.

Tour group at Castle Combe, England

 Tour Group

Custom Tours of Britain

The British Isles comprise England, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and the island of Ireland. These islands have been occupied continuously for about 9000 years which has resulted in a physical and cultural legacy manifested in such iconic features as Stonehenge, Maiden Castle, Roman Bath, the Tower of London, Stirling Castle, quaint Cotswolds villages and modern architecture.

 Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall, Wales

 Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall

Tell me more about a Custom Tour of Britain

There is something for everyone. The following is a summary.

  • British Gardens: Hundreds to choose from in a tradition dating back 2000 years.
  • Heritage Buildings: A wide choice, from palaces to country houses  and castles.

Buckingham Palace, London

Buckingham Palace, London

  • British Ancestry: Research family history and connect with home of your ancestors.
  • British Canals: An 18th century network now mainly used for leisure. Enjoy!

Canal Boat at Banbury, England.

Canal Narrow Boat-Banbury

  • British Railways: A wide network in mainland Britain with some steam trains.
  • British Culture: Cockney, Glaswegian, Irish Gaelic, Scots Gaelic and much more.
  • Churches: From Saxon to Norman and later. Tiny village churches to large cathedrals.
  • Food and Drink: Regional to cosmopolitan. Haggis to fish and chips and Scotch Whisky.

Loch Ness in Scottish Highlands

Loch Ness

  • Sport: Football (soccer), cricket, horse racing, rugby, tennis, shinty, Gaelic football.
  • Activities: Hiking, climbing, horse-riding, surfing, swimming, cycling, canoeing, white water.
  • Golf: The game was invented in Scotland about 600 years ago. A wide choice of courses
  • Fishing: Scottish rivers are famous for salmon and trout. 
  • British Theatre: London’s West End is pre-eminent.For Shakespeare afficionados there is the famous Globe Theatre.  

More information

The publication Visitors’ Guide to Scotland contains a wealth of information on islands, whisky, sightseeing and much more. The ISBN is 978-1-9161332-0-4. Also available via Kindle.



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